On Creative Counterculture, Empathy & Politics in Accra

So. I wrote this thing that ended up being a tribute of sorts to Accra and to the artistry of the children of our Fourth Republic: Ghana’s ‘1992 Generation.’

A Ghanaian born in 1992… is now in their mid-twenties; young enough to have only experienced five back-to-back democratic administrations, including three transfers of power between the nation’s two main political parties…

Entrenched democracy does not however mean that everything is golden. Hardly: political power remains the plaything of Ghana’s over-60s and much must still change in modern Ghana before any government can claim to have fulfilled the nation’s promise to its citizens of Freedom and Justice.

Yet the combination of those continued problems with relative democratic stability appears to have been fertile ground, not just for a resurgence in Accra’s arts and nightlife but for a mushrooming creative counterculture… “

Please read if you’re intrigued and share if you care to do so.

One thought on “On Creative Counterculture, Empathy & Politics in Accra

  1. Brilliant piece of writing Kobs. I knew I was overdue a visit to Accra, but now I really need to make a plan to come check it out!


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