Journalism (selected articles)

Tampered Press: Care is a New Cool: Arts, Politics & Empathy in an Another Accra (2019) (also carried in OFF TO magazine‘s Accra Issue)

The Africa Report: When Education Yearns to Be Free (2018)

The Guardian: The Absolute Beginners’ Guide to Pidgin (2017)

The Guardian: Sex, Fauxnogamy & the Married Man (2015)

New Dawn (Nubuke): Documenting the Process: a review of Juls’ Process Summit 2018

Short Stories

The Sea Has Drowned The Fish: Fiction, Fact and Folktale from Writers Project of Ghana: Heels (2018)

Litro Magazine: Jam (2017)

The Debt (2017)

Multiply (2017)


The Weave: performed by Accra Theatre Workshop as part of its An African Walks into a Container show (Nov 2014)


Odekro: Odekro Report on the 1st Session of the Seventh Parliament of Ghana 2017