In 2020, I was awarded a Miles Morland African Writing Scholarship to give me the financial freedom to write a book. With the death of my younger brother at its heart, The Fall will be a deeply personal memoir combining ancient myth with intergenerational realities of Ghanaians grappling with broken masculinities and mental health issues, barely hidden behind the face of contemporary culture.

A finalist in the inaugural 2008 John La Rose Memorial Short Story Competition, my opinion pieces have also appeared in publications including The Guardian, and my short stories have been published in places like Litro and the Writers Project of Ghana anthology, The Sea Has Drowned the Fish.

Below is but a sample of things I have written over the years.

Journalism (selected articles)

Tampered Press: Care is a New Cool: Arts, Politics & Empathy in an Another Accra (2019) (also carried in OFF TO magazine‘s Accra Issue)

The Africa Report: When Education Yearns to Be Free (2018)

The Guardian: The Absolute Beginners’ Guide to Pidgin (2017)

The Guardian: Sex, Fauxnogamy & the Married Man (2015)

New Dawn (Nubuke): Documenting the Process: a review of Juls’ Process Summit 2018

Short Stories

The Sea Has Drowned The Fish: Fiction, Fact and Folktale from Writers Project of Ghana: Heels (2018)

Litro Magazine: Jam (2017)

The Debt (2017)

Multiply (2017)


The Weave: performed by Accra Theatre Workshop as part of its An African Walks into a Container show (Nov 2014)


Odekro: Odekro Report on the 1st Session of the Seventh Parliament of Ghana 2017