Trips to Thug-O

I was going to write a long rant about this, but there’s no point. So I’ll just say this.

1. It makes no difference whether you enter Togo through the official border or the illegal one. Tried both. Your choice is simply whether you wish to be screwed by people in uniform or people without. Choose wisely. Choose unwisely. Makes no difference.

2. If you ever want a reason to feel like Ghana is progressing, enter Togo not by air but by land.

I’m sure my Togolese brethren are wonderful people.

But by the time you go through Togolese customs, you’ll miss Ghana Police.


3 thoughts on “Trips to Thug-O

  1. Dear Sir,

    For we Africans who are curious about real day to day life in other African countries, is it possible to chronicle your adventures in Togo?

    All countries have a good and bad side, however it is always interesting to hear about both from an African. It could end up being a fascinating and insightful red. Thank you.


  2. hahaha… This is awesome… I should prepare for one trip to Togo as well. But I will visit through the illegal first. I’m dared to try my luck!


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