A (Dope) Cartoon Made by Ghanaians for Ghanaians


Been awhile, hasn’t it? Let’s not let such little details stop me from sharing my excitement with you though. About what, you may ask?

A new cartoon. Made in Ghana, no less.


Okay, before I lose your attention, allow me to rattle off a few of the names involved in the project:


It’ll feature original music from artists including Wanlov the Kubolor, M3nsa, and Sena Dagadu (yes… you read that right: F.O.K.N and the Dagadu. What?)


The characters were designed by the creative beast that is Hanson Akatti.


The script involved Elisabeth Sutherland of the Accra Theatre Workshop, who also worked on the voice talent.


Plus Jarreth Merz (who directed the brilliant, award-winning documentary, ‘An African Election’) also did a lot of behind the scenes work to make this a Ghanaian cartoon, aimed at educating and entertaining Ghanaian children, using as much Ghanaian talent as possible.

All that and it combines animation with live action.

Cha. Le.

I love it when Ghanaian creatives from different crafts get together to do dope things. Plus the stories center on food, so my inner Fanti is salivating: sold.

Three episodes of the series – called Foodies – will air on TV3 tomorrow morning at 10 am. All that, and no TV license is necessary for viewing.



3 thoughts on “A (Dope) Cartoon Made by Ghanaians for Ghanaians

  1. First of all–welcome back, K. Second, this sounds fantastic! But I’m going to miss the broadcasts. Any other way of getting a look at it?


  2. I caught the show half way through. I hadn’t read this yet. I had seen a few tweets about it but didn’t know the people behind it. A few scenes in, I was like naaa this no be normal Gh level, some dope squad dey behind am. Then I heard the FOKN Bois and Sena’s voices. Then I saw Jarreth Merz’s name in the credit, I was like Oyiwa! As for Hanson dierrr, I no know what I go talk.

    Always good to see Ghanaian creatives work together to push the limits. Applause!


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