#LittleRebel #Kasapoley #Ntampiwaa #KookieBoogie #LittleBigSister #Oteiba

Before she left, my beloved Kukuwah and I were so inseparable that people joked that I would never find a companion while she was in the picture. It’s hard to imagine that we come from different mothers: our lives are a living testament to the fact that ‘Step’ doesn’t have to mean emnity and siblinghood can conquer all.

I have watched Kukuwah grow from the quiet toddler who was surgically attached to my leg; to the outspoken teenager who made me question my taste in music (tcheew) while treating me like her own personal Google; to the young woman who then STOLE my taste in music and learned to think for herself; to this young queen GODDESS who now sits on top of the world in Canada and shines on me. It has been amazing watching you grow. You’re my younger sister but I look up to you in strength, in resilience, and most certainly in style.

I. Am. So. Proud. Of. You.

… and I miss you. Horribly. Social media cannot contain this love koraa: cyberspace is far too small. I cannot wait to see you again. #BringBackThisGirl #SheWhomCanadaStole

Happy Birthday, Ekua Oteiba.

May this day – this year – bring you closer to your dreams, closer to fulfillment, closer to Love… closer to a ticket back to Ghana, damn it!

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