DUST Magazine (June 2011)

Took a lot of work, but the June issue of DUST magazine (aka. that which keeps me as busy as I always am) is finally out.

It features:

  • Blitz the Ambassador on his album, ‘Native Sun‘, the Diaspora, and striking that balance between “where you’re from & where you’re at”
  • Tributes to DRUM Magazine & iconic Ghanaian photographer, James Barnor
  • Commentary on Dominique Strauss-Kahn & Ghana’s Sexual Economy / the importance of national planning / what Accra can learn from the Japanese earthquakes / Ghana’s creative industries (or lack thereof)
  • Interviews with photographer Tobias Freytag (who shot the image of Ebo Taylor on our last cover) & young software visionaries, Nandimobile
  • A glimpse into the world of underground colt soccer
  • The latest films, books and sounds coming out of the city
  • A new guide to events in Accra
… & more.
You can download the whole magazine as a pdf at Scribd or if not, hold tight: the print copy will be at the Silverbird Lifestyle store in a couple of days time.

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