Music: Blitz the Ambassador’s ‘Native Sun’

Today marks the global release of Blitz the Ambassador’s brilliant new album, ‘Native Sun’, which you can hear in its entirety here.

I’ve been talking about this album since before I almost snapped my neck bopping my head to it at the preview party Blitz hosted at Rockstone’s Office a couple of months back.

I was going to write a long review about it using words like:

“A conversation between Africa and America. Highlife and hip-hop. Ebo Taylor and Big Daddy Kane…”


“If ‘Native Sun’ doesn’t work then – seriously – any Ghanaian aiming at the international market may need to rethink the idea.”

Scratch that though. Instead, let me share with you the thoughts of someone whose musical opinion I value more than almost anyone I know – Eli Tetteh – who just tweeted the following:

“I’d like to issue a formal apology to @kobbygraham. I’m sorry I EVER doubted. I was ignorant at the time. I knew not what I did…”

Fri 06 May 15:18

“When I touched down in Ghana in December, me & @kobbygraham hung out. And he praised @BlitzAmbassador’s Native Sun album superlatively.”

Fri 06 May 15:27

“At the time, Kobby had only heard snippets, courtesy of @MsNaa. But the little he’d heard, he said, eclipsed Blitz’s previous LP, Stereotype.”

Fri 06 May 15:33

“As an avowed fan of the utter brilliance that is/was Stereotype, I smiled politely & nodded. However, inside, I quietly laughed.”

Fri 06 May 15:38

“I just KNEW it was the gassed up hyperbole that often comes with new material. No way could @BlitzAmbassador’s Native Sun be THAT good.”

Fri 06 May 15:44

“And then I heard it. In its entirety. (On 2DopeBoyz no less) And I was utterly floored. This album is… sublime.”

Fri 06 May 15:48

“Richer & more layered than anything Stereotype served up, @BlitzAmbassador’s Native Sun raises the bar… and then splinters it.”

Fri 06 May 15:52

“And then stomps the pieces into sawdust. And then uses them to kindle a musical bonfire…. the heat of which hiphop can’t help but feel.”

Fri 06 May 15:56

“I’m humbled that my countrymen are making music this good. Blitz, I salute you… and @kobbygraham? I shoulda never doubted you.”

Fri 06 May 16:00

“Man, I love music.”

Fri 06 May 16:10

I couldn’t have said it better myself. No, really… I couldn’t: Eli kills it with the words.

Don’t forget to look out for the short film that accompanies the album, which I am told may be available right here in Accra at GAME in the Accra Mall (I’ll confirm that…)

Meanwhile, this post was:

a) In tribute to ‘Native Sun’, which I highly recommend. Amazing job well done, Blitz, and…

b) … payback on Eli for doubting me (and keeping it to himself). OooOh: shame!

2 thoughts on “Music: Blitz the Ambassador’s ‘Native Sun’

  1. Reblogged this on Wherever I Lay My Hat and commented:

    For someone who doesn’t write much, I’ve been lucky to have received a lot of praise for my writing before. However, today I would like to shine the light on someone else who doesn’t write as much as he’d like to, but who makes me think of retiring every single time he does.

    Eli @elidot Tetteh: this one’s for you.



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