Dear Generic Ghanaian Radio Station

  1. Why should I tune in to your station specifically: what exactly what makes you different?
  2. Have the bulk of your presenters/DJs been mostly poached from existing stations (and offered back to us like some radio version of a reshuffled cabinet)? (if not, skip Question 3)
  3. If so, why do you think regurgitating so many familiar voices will result in fresh, awesome content for your listeners?
  4. Do your presenters/DJs play awesome music/create fresh content that is actually different from everything else on radio? (if yes, proceed to question 6)
  5. If not, then what exactly is your purpose (kindly refer to your answer to Question 1)?
  6. Is your real purpose less to do with providing choice & quality content and more to do with making money for your generic owner?
  7. Is that enough of a reason for me to tune in to your station?

Well, okay then.

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