Lauryn’s Back

Awhile back, I wrote my first joint blog post with my friend Anne on a mutually-adored topic: Lauryn Hill. Just last week, Anne had the privilege of seeing Ms. Hill perform in her backyard: the land of a thousand hills – Rwanda.

After reading her post, I really wish I’d been there. Click here to read it yourself.

PS: oh, and if you’re an artist who has been invited to perform in Ghana or anywhere else in Africa, please note a few of Anne’s words:

“… it often happens that when international artists come to africa, they tend to put on a sub-par show. some have the excuse that the sound is not the quality to which they are used; some simply don’t bother to bring their A game. but there is the rare artist that performs just as intensely in a small african city as they do in madison square garden, and this was definitely that type of show…”

One day, Ghanaians will realize a good show when we see one and – after that day – when we are given any less, we will react… & it won’t be pretty.

So-called promoters: please consider that a warning.

2 thoughts on “Lauryn’s Back

  1. I will like to get in contact with you DJ Afropolitan – how do i ? – i read your article about our (GHANA) movie industry and I wanted to talk to you about something – to do with advocating that the silly name GHOLLYWOOD or GHANAWOOD or whatever the hell they call it be changed. Why cant we be creative for once, why do we always havee to emulate the west in everything. If nollywood willl callthemselves that – so beit, but for ghana we want to be unique with what we call our industry.


    1. Hi Miss Tilli. I agree with your sentiments quite a bit. Had a conversation with filmmaker Leila Djansi, who echoed them too. I have a feeling it’s a little too late though. Even worse than Ghollywood or Ghanawood, the Ghallywood term has really taken root.

      What kind of advocating do you have in mind to change this? Would be very interested to hear it.


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