The Awesomeness of Richy Pitch (according to my sister & I)

My sister and I were sitting next to each other – laptops on laps – when I stumbled across the new Richy Pitch/m.anifest single, Black Star, on Soulbounce. Cut to the next scene and both of us were engaged in a mad electronic dash towards our respective blogs to be first-in- household to share the video’s brilliance with everyone. In the end though, we decided to compromise and do our first joint blog.

This is how it went…

First off, here’s the video:

Kukuwah: OK… so Kobby  claims I used to play this game called…

Kobby: It wasn’t a game. It was a computer called the Commodore 64 on which you played all sorts of games. Like Streetfighter II.

Kukuwah: yeah…whatever. I still don’t remember. Anyway he showed me the video and I wanted to do too known on my blog because I know most people haven’t seen it. I think it is very interesting because of the computer animation. There was a point that I was wondering why the song was moving so fast.

Kobby: … actually in the beginning, you were asking why it was so slow…

Kukuwah: Clear off… so like I was saying, I was wondering why it was so fast and it clicked: video games have levels, so as the song went on they were advancing in levels.

Kobby: yes, my dear sister *pats her on the head.* That is what games were like in my day: we loaded them from cassettes, they took ten minutes to load and anything with actual human voices or faces were hi-tech… even though they were so badly pixelated. Besides being clever & authentic, the video holds so much nostalgia for me. What did you get from it?

Kukuwah: The fact that it was different gave me some liiiiiiiiight goosebumps. I didn’t get why he didn’t die when he passed over the pothole.

Kobby: have you ever seen anyone die from a pothole?

Kukuwah: oooooooooooooooooooh aaah…its a video game. You die when random things happen.

Kobby: good point. Hold on, listen to this…

Kobby: another banger from Richy Pitch, this time with Sway & M3nsa. I love how Richy put this whole thing together using real sounds you’d hear at a football game. Sounds so much better than the stack of rubbish Black Star tribute songs that I keep seeing on Ghana telly.

Kukuwah: pi pi pipipipipi….(whistle blowing) *Some small asokpo dancing.* In as much as this song is a jama song, it’s quite sensible. Giving good instructions to the team and chief supporters.

Kobby: abi? I think it’s the best Ghanaian football song I’ve ever heard frankly. Way better than Talal Fattal’s bloody, ‘Come on Black Stars Ghana… GHAAAAAANAAAAA’ (Going/Shooting/Whatever Straight to the Top)…

Kukuwah: meeeehn…you don’t even know the words…hahahahahaha..Talal n team you shaaaaaaaaaa!!! Chale, there are more ‘horridible’ support songs. I like the band at the end of the song. NICE!

Kobby: looks like we agree on this one, Richy…

Kukuwah: … you force you force…

Kobby: … waaa. Oh, and in case you’re literary-inclined, check out Nii Ayikwei Parkes’ football related short story, Sock’s Ball, which just came online in time for the World Cup.

Kukuwah: I enjoyed doing this with you, Kobina

Kobby: And I with you, sis. Very proud of that brain you’ve started flexing small small of late. As for before…

Kukuwah: mtcheeeeeeew…

… and that’s how it went.

Oh, by the way, my sister’s blog is Kasapoley and it’s all sorts of nice.

5 thoughts on “The Awesomeness of Richy Pitch (according to my sister & I)

  1. Love this joint post especially because I can literally ‘hear’ and ‘see’ you both. The voices in this post are so authentic to the unique individuals you are. Well done!


    1. Thanks Nans. We had a lot of fun doing it. You should have seen us grabbing the laptop from one another to type!

      Hope you didn’t have to re-identify yourself this time around.


    1. eeeeerm excuse me…anyone that comments here MUST comment on my blog too… thank you very much for your co-operation…last born child sharp sharp! miss u too


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