Jumping Before You’re Pushed

Last week, a friend in upper management advised me to jump before I’m pushed out of my job.

“How soon?” I asked.

“You have a week.”


He explained to me the circumstances leading to the situation and assured me it had nothing to do with my competence. Rather, he’d heard word of a shortage of money in the system because of a black-hole-of-a-venture our parent company is (regretting getting) involved in.

Luckily for me, I believe in Plan B’s. Always have a Plan B. I’d started looking elsewhere a couple of months back when several members of upper management were suspended and all of a sudden, no one’s position looked stable. I guess it was a statement of intent by upper upper management: no f***ing around this year… make money or die.

A couple of those suspended saw the writing on the wall and found greener pastures. Time to follow suit.

Watch this space:

I’ll be posting a less cryptic expose next week.

6 thoughts on “Jumping Before You’re Pushed

  1. Are you serious? I would advise you NOT to jump. Let them fire you if they dare – that way you’re still entitled to compensation, etc

    And what if your friend is wrong?

    And what if your friend was asked to tell you this to save them the trobule of firing you?

    There’s no logic to jumping before you’re pushed


    1. Sadly I’ve been on probation the whole time (two back-to-back probations – that’s how they roll) and so it’s as simple as not confirming me. They don’t even have to fire me.

      I may still be offered a reduced role: service provider or something. Anything to reduce my fee, which for them is the problem.

      We’ll see!


  2. Me likee new blog. Welcome to the cooler cousin of blogger.

    Made the move a while back and have loved it. i hope this one wont go the way of the late ”where i lay my hat”. akwaaba again.


    This is my new blog FOOTPRINT 2.0


  3. Nana, i agree with you but not totally. I have worked in that building before and what goes on in there….hmmmmm…. His friend may be wrong but under the circumstances he works under,as i friend and having worked there before,it is best for him to JUMP when he finds a better opportunity than stay and be fired…


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