Wherever I Lay My Hat

I’m the type of boy who is always on the roam / Wherever I lay my hat… that’s my home
– Marvin Gaye from his 1962 classic, Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)

Marvin is probably my favourite male singer of all-time. While he was a soulful genius, I don’t think he was singing about the Afropolitan experience when he sang the lines quoted above. Nevertheless, his words aptly capture my feelings as someone born and raised between Africa and Europe and that’s why I named my old blog after the song.

Since then, I have been through some changes though. For one, I’ve made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Why? Beauty and progression, really.

Besides being so vewy pwetty, WordPress feels like a progression from Blogger so I’m trying it on for size. So many options… it appeals to my inner geek.

I’ve also taken on a new identity: while I wrote Wherever… as ‘Que?‘ (my DJ name from the UK), I have started this blog with my own name. For a few reasons. I’m a little older now and, not being an artist or a professional DJ, I’ll get funny looks here in Ghana if I introduce myself as a pseudo-Spanish word. I’m also on radio now and  people have gotten to know me as ‘Kobby’. Which is nice. It’s the short form of the name my parents gave me.

Welcome to my little corner.

2 thoughts on “Wherever I Lay My Hat

  1. Big congratulations on your cyber relocation; I hope you have lots of fun on WordPress.

    And, Happy Africa Day; freedom of expression, movement and will are gifts that belong to us all.

    Big love to the Ghanian Sun God from the Persian Pussycat.


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