>10 Questions: Ato Kwamina Dadzie

>Another day, another apology for not having blogged in ages. Got my laptop repaired though and I’m almost back online at home, so expect improvements in that department :o)

I finally sat down with Ghana’s most irreverent journalist (c), Ato Kwamina Dadzie and, as promised, I threw all your questions at him. Click here to listen to what he had to say. It was a 25-minute chat and it was both fun and informative, especially for anyone curious about challenges facing people chasing the news in Ghana. I was personally most intrigued by the journalists who taught him not to give a **** and his thoughts on political bias in the Ghanaian media.

I’m looking for a better way to post it to the blog besides Sendspace, so anyone with any ideas should let me know. We did the interview after work in the Joy FM news so you can still hear phones going off, Nathaniel Attoh furiously typing in the background and a couple of journalists engaged in a shouting match… sorry, I meant passionate debate in the background. It’ll take awhile to transcribe, but I’ll put up some quotables soon.

It’s good to be back.

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