>TV: Hiplife on Al Jazeera / Ghana’s TV

>I suffered many a withdrawal symptom after turning my back on DSTV to embrace terrestial television. Between Viasat 1 and broadcasts of CNN, Al-Jazeera and BBC World on Metro TV et al though, I am not entirely without the foreign content that I live on.

This week is looking interesting with Al-Jazeera’s interesting music programme Playlist shining the spotlight on our very own hiplife this week. Playlist explores fusions between different musical genres in this increasingly globalized world in which we live and is recommended viewing for anyone who gets the feeling that there is more to music than the same-old, same-old churned out to us on radio and MTV.

The programme should (you can confirm here depending on your timezone) be airing in Ghana at the following times:

Mon: 5.30 am / Tues: 1.30 am, 2.00 pm, 11.30 pm / Wed: 6.30 am, 4.30 pm / Thur: 3.00 am, 2.30 pm


What does everyone think of all our new TV channels in Accra this year?

Besides the usual Metro, TV3, TV Africa, GTV and Metro Sports (which I hear is set to become a 24-hour digital station), by the end of last year we already had Net 2 (which has become completely irrelevant post-Second Chance… which I cannot believe is being repeated by yet another station) and Viasat1.

As of 2009, Crystal TV (previously only available in Kumasi) have thrown their hat into the ring with three channels. In addition to that, the Global Media Alliance are on the verge of launching Ghana’s version of South Africa’s eTV. Multimedia Broadcasting look set to launch a formidable number of digital channels on their MultiTV platform, all for a one-off payment for a digital box. I think Skyy (from T’adi) are doing something similar, although I’ve heard rumours of trouble with some of the channels.

Whoever said there was a recession clearly has not been paying attention to Ghana’s media industry.

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