>Life: Love & Fear of Death

>Saw an article today on an experiment the results of which indicate that people with religious beliefs seem to fear death more than those without. Very strange. One would think that people who believe in eternal life would be in more of a hurry to embrace it.

It reminds me of how I have always found it strange how Ghanaian Christians hold the notion that the flesh is impure and temporary… and then spend unreasonable amounts of money (to the point of getting into debt) on the dead bodies of our loved ones before sending them off into the afterlife.

Both seem a little hypocritical.

One thought on “>Life: Love & Fear of Death

  1. >Lol, just goes to show how flawed 21st century religion really is. They try to ‘save’ people but at the end of the day find that the only way to ‘control’ them is to strike fear into their very souls. So now as a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist or whatever you may be, instead of being content in the fact that you are ‘saved’ all you do is worry about all your ‘ever highlighted’ shortcomings. Seems to me we’re all better off just living our lives the way we think best and leaving those judgments to the Maker because the people that are meant to be ‘saving’ you only end up judging you which is in fact a sin by their own standards. Lol, life…And as for Ghanians and their love for the dead it makes one think there is something very wrong with their traditions which, currently, seem to say it doesn’t matter how you treat a person in life just as long as when they die you bury them in money, you could have given them while they were alive, all will be forgiven, after all you spent all that money on them! Alive or dead doesn’t really matter. Maybe the God of Ghana just tallies up the total sum and says, “Yeah, they met their quota, all prior sins forgiven then, this dead man can no longer haunt them! Come on Kofi it’s off to heaven for you! They spent 100,000,000 on your funeral so they MUST have loved you!” I fear they care more for appearances than they do for life itself. It seems it doesn’t matter what you do here it’s what you appear to be doing that society will judge you by and that’s all that matters to Ghanaians, keeping up appearances.


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