>Geek: Twitter


I just read an interesting post on the potential of Twitter in Africa. I must admit to being slow on the take regarding Twitter. My understanding of it is that it’s something like Facebook status updates except perhaps they can be longer in length. I must be more significant than that though.

I’m going to have to ask Emmanuel.

6 thoughts on “>Geek: Twitter

  1. >Interesting article by Soyapi. Before reading, I thought Twitter was an internet-specific application. Now I know it is usable on mobile phones. Great communication possibilities. Thanks for sharing.


  2. >Interesting you should mention Twitter. Joined two weeks ago and see absolutely no point in being on it. Exactly the same as facebook status updates minus the fun. I suppose I have to link it to my mobile.


  3. >Yeah, I agree with Abena.If I can link it with my phone, then the possibilities could be interesting. Imagine your whole family on Twitter and you need to send word around of a birth/wedding/death: no need to call/text one by one. Just post a message.How realistic is it though that one can get one’s entire family on Twitter? Not my family, I can tell you that!


  4. >oh… i just thought it was sound of some bird/mouselike creature…hehehehehewell, this just gives more options… let it come if it’s not already here


  5. >All these new developments are great but hey! when do we ever get our work done and good old-fashioned socialising (as in meeting up for a drink/meal/party) if we spend all our time either on internet, cell phone or other..?!!!Have a great day..:)


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