>Column: Sunday World

>I have started writing a column in the ‘Sunday World’, a relatively little-known newspaper from the good people of the Global Media Alliance, whose credits include:

  • YFM
  • The Silverbird Cinema & Entertainment Store
  • The CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards… and more.

The column is called ‘Between the Lines‘ and I use it to delve into topical issues from a slightly different perspective than everyone else, bringing up issues I feel are not receiving due interest or simply freeing my mind. So far, I’ve looked at the global economic downturn from a Ghanaian perspective and compared the relationship between Rawlings and Mills to that of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Tommorow’s column will go into how Ghana is depicted in the foreign press, especially in light of former President Kufuor’s recent gratia package boo-boo.

Without bias – as I thought this before I started writing for them – I think Sunday World is one of Accra’s better newspapers. It sadly has some of the political bias that colours most Ghanaian journals but it makes up for this somewhat in the strength of its writers, who include Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, Emmanuel K. Bensah II, and, dare I say, yours truly.

It is free but, for now, the newspaper is a little hard to find, your best bet being to walk into the lobby of any major hotel in Accra (Golden Tulip’s good) and pick up a copy. In the meantime, I am going to follow the example of one of my favourite Ghanaian journalists and start posting my articles up for mass consumption right here on this blog.

Please scroll down for a recent few.

3 thoughts on “>Column: Sunday World

  1. >Kobby–been loving your posts! Seriously. Your style is refreshing; and I must admit that after turning to mine article to check whether no cock-ups were made (as I have seen some) I go to yours, then Piesie. Well, the headlines have revealed many times where the paper’s leaning is–but I got some ideas on transforming it from “little-known” to “well-known”. I might just follow your idea, too! What I have done, though, is put the entries on a separate blog on technology I have. You might want to try posting it also on africanloft.com. It’s easy to get an account: just write to the editor and he should set up administrative priviledges for ya!Kudos!! (and thanks for ur kind words!)


  2. >No need, Emmanuel: well deserved.Would love to exchange notes on the transformation from little to well known someday. Should be interesting.And thanks for the link to AfricanLoft! Looks great. May just have to join the party.Oh, and you might want to scroll up to the article on Twitter and post something authoritative, Sah.


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