>Music: Prince. D’Angelo. On the Same Track.


Between Prince proposing to release three albums this year and the news that D’Angelo will finally be dropping ‘James River‘ this summer (I’ll believe it when I hear it…) it looks like 2009 is going to be an awesome year for my music collection.

What’s really got me geeked though is that, besides collaborations with his usual partners-in-crime Raphael Saadiq and Roy Hargrove, D’s new album will also feature work with Cee-Lo Green, Mark Ronson… and with Prince.

You hear these things and try and not get your expectations up because, more often than not, great expectations tend to meet great disappointment.


*Brain freezes, unable to process the musical possibilities.*

4 thoughts on “>Music: Prince. D’Angelo. On the Same Track.

  1. >I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. PRINCE!!!!Well….D’Angelo too. But…..Prince!!!!! Sigh…..They are both brilliant and i’m sure they’ll both deliver.


  2. >Don’t tease me Mr! The Pruple one and D’Angelo on one track? Should be awesome.Throw in Maxwell and Terence Trent D’Arby and I’d be in falsetto heaven


  3. >Keep your hopes alive man, but if Akon and Wacko Jacko are anything to go by don’t expect a masterpiece but probably a remix of ‘purple rain’ with D nude in the subsequent video. But then again you never know what to expect from the man who named himself after a symbol since he and the aforementioned Wacko are like night and day; literally 🙂


  4. >Akon and Michael? I wasn't expecting much there. Akon isn't really a giant to me. He's talented but nowhere near legendary/iconic. He doesn't define a genre, you know? In R&B, I'd say Timbaland is closest to getting to that status. Prince is a legend and even though D'Angelo is a relative newcomer but his two albums were both seminal. Both of them are consumnate musicians and so I doubt they'd give us Purple Rain II (lol @ "… with D nude in the subsequent video)! I'm lowering my expectations but not that much!Michael is a legend too but died to me musically as soon as he turned down the songs the Neptunes eventually gave to Justin in favour of Rodney Jerkin's production: a profoundly lame decision from someone out of touch with his own genius.


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