>News: Announcing the ‘Ghana’s Worst Journalism’ Awards 2009

>After the Daily Guide’s ‘Rawlings Punches Mills‘ headline last week and recalling Radio Gold’s performance (and general existence) over the elections, I have decided to turn into reality an idea that has been bouncing inside my head for awhile now:

The ‘Ghana’s Worst Journalism’ Awards.

The idea is simple. Throughout the year, feel free to point out any instances you see of bias (in favour of any party), factual inaccuracies, poor quality writing or grammatical flaws on television, radio and in our beloved-but-not-quite-so free press.

Don’t worry about clippings or recordings: if it is a printed article, then give me the newspaper, date and page, and if it is on radio or TV, then give me a date, a station and the time you heard it (roughly). I have contacts with Steadman Media Monitoring Services who are listening and recording all major media 24 hours a day, every day of the year from whom I can verify.

Nominations will be accepted between now and the 1st of December, when I will present a shortlist to vote from. Winners will be announced before the end of the year. No award ceremony just yet (maybe a small party…) but I am buying a crate of eggs this week that will sit there rotting until they are ready to go out. Each winner will receive a gold-sprayed rotten egg along with brief letter explaining to them their crimes against journalism. There is a good chance we will hand deliver these and film reactions to be played back on some national media outlet… or for our personal viewing pleasure.

How does that sound?

Here are the categories (feel free to suggest a few more):

The ‘Quit Journalism Immediately!’ Worst So-Called Journalist of the Year Award
Worst Headline – Newspaper
Worst Reporter – Newspaper / TV/ Radio
Most Biased Outlet – Newspaper / TV/ Radio
Most Irresponsible Outlet – Newspaper / TV/ Radio
Most Factually Inaccurate Story – Newspaper / TV/ Radio
Most Consistently Factually Inaccurate Journalist – Newspaper / TV/ Radio
Bad Grammar Award – Newspaper / TV/ Radio

Comments and suggestions for new categories can be posted here but kindly send all nominations to ghanabadjournalism@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “>News: Announcing the ‘Ghana’s Worst Journalism’ Awards 2009

  1. >I have quite a few nominations, mate! Even Daily Graphic itself could be nominated under some of these!:-D Incidentally, loved ur candid outlook on the global economic crisis u wrote for Sunday World last week…keep up the gd work!


  2. >The ‘Bad Grammar Award’ category will get the most candidates, trust me. I cant believe most of the journalists in this country go through school of journalism; they might as well learn the trade by reading old newspaper clips. Since NDC is now in power you might as well add a new ‘ Shut Your Big Mouth Or Your Ass Might End up In Jail’ category ;).But with this new regime, i mean government, I think journalists will be more economical with their opinions. Do you think the Libel law will be reinstated? Visit and subscribe to my blog sometime. http://fprint.blogspot.com


  3. >An excellent awards idea! Since we are nation so fond of having live panel discussions with people of opposing political views, how about: “Worst (on air) altercation on radio or TV”.Finally, the likes of Frances Essiam/Kobby Acheampong, Baby Ansabah/Ama Benyiwa Doe or Malik Kweku Baako/Any NDC person would get credit for some of their on-air tussles.


  4. >Nice nice nice. I clicked through from Ghanablogging.com hoping to see a list of instances of poor journalism.There is so much mediocrity in Ghana’s journalism industry. Poor printing, poor grammar, poor production, publishing blatant lies to score cheap political points etc.The only paper that stands out a bit is the Daily Graphic.Many of the others are simply rubbish. They twist facts to suit their political/ethnic agenda. Case in point is the Daily Garbage called “Daily Guide”. I could go on and on but I’d send you my list of nominees later.Cheers!


  5. >Thanks for the support and suggestions, guys.Emmanuel: updating the link. Really glad you liked the article. You’ve set the bar pretty high with Gen Bluetooth.Duke: LOL @ ‘Shut Your Big Mouth Or Your Ass Might End up In Jail’ category. Although, that would be a good award to win (and I reckon Ato Kwamina Dadzie would win it every time). Will definitely check out the blog and add it to the list.Abena: Brilliant suggestion. Consider it added: “Worst (on air) altercation on radio or TV”.Oluniyi: Man, don’t get me started about the ‘Guide’. Guiding us daily in the direction of mediocrity.


  6. >i love the idea. would love to help spray the eggs. May i also suggest the ‘cease print at once’ category for newspapers and the most unrecognisable/incomprehensible accent for radio.


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