>Politics: The Great Debaters?


So it was not apparently as slick as a meeting between Obama and McCain, but last week Ghana finally got the chance to see some of our leading presidential candidates face off against each other in a debate. Kudos to the Institute of Economic Affairs for finally forcing (at least two of) the panelists to stop slinging mud (and ego) in each others’ directions and actually answer serious questions. How refreshing. Unfortunately, I was on radio at the time but I have been hearing pretty conflicting reports on who came out tops.

The general impression I’ve received is that the CPP’s Nduom was either the most personable (people here like personable so he’s been deemed the winner) or the most cartoonish; that the NDC’s Atta-Mills was more aggressive than usual, but nowhere near as much as he could have been (see my blog buddy Novisi’s take on this here); that PNC’s Mahama was a virtual non-entity; and that the NPP’s Akuffo-Addo was definitely verbose but his verbosity was either the only genuine attempt at answering questions or just further evidence of the man’s arrogance.

Looks like I’m going to have get a recording from work (we do media monitoring after all) and have a look for myself.

I’ll keep you posted.

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