>History: African. American. African.



The forty-fourth president of the United States of America is half-African.

Not simply an African-American with an African (or Afro-Arabic) name. Not the distant descendant of an African stolen from home.


The direct son of the African Muslim after whom he was named, an African who was himself born and raised in a Kenyan village. Not a city, you (we) pseudo-bourgeois city slickers:

A village.

And not only that (my mother just reminded me): he is also the son of Ann Dunham – a single-parent mother.

Just a year ago – one simple year – if you had told me that an African (much less one with a distinctly non-brofolized name like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’… ahem) would walk his family into the White House with the mandate to occupy it for the next four years, I would have told you that our juju men just aren’t that visionary.

I have worried for awhile now whether there is another African alive who could fill Madiba’s frankly gigantic shoes on the world stage in case (God forbid) we lose him. I may have to wait awhile for someone born on this continent to do that. For now though it looks like Obama is the one and, although he is infinitely more American than he is African, his victory will inspire many of our young regardless.

It’s going to be one hell of a party today/tonight/this week/the rest of this year/next year, all across the continent – the world – and justly so. Even though it’s what happens after the party that really counts, what just happened is historic and must be appreciated, celebrated…

… and only then absorbed.

7 thoughts on “>History: African. American. African.

  1. >I don’t think you could have summed it up better, and your title…good! Yep, I think the momentous thing that has happened here will be being absorbed for a long time, his success will be qualified, debated and analysed over the years, but never denied…we shall overcome.


  2. >Oabam’s election is truly an indicator that not only has change come but also that change cannot be denied its place in the healthy and natural evolutionary history of a more peaceful global conscience for long.I hope very much that people all over the world will think on this historic moment as a seminal reminder that truth and goodness do ultimately prevail and as we work our way towards a more integrated and enlightened global society, that we never forget; the tough times are there to challenge us but the victories are landmarks in the persistant qualities of compassion and humanity.As a jaded and cynical hybrid, I very rarely get excited about politicians. But Obama excites me. For the first time in a long time, I believe.Obama now has to undo all the poor policy decisions that were made before his arrival and pave the way for a more wholesome world. This is an unenviable task, but if he says “Yes we can” then I say ” Yes, you will”.Congratulations Kobby, your article was superb and I expect you to run for President of Ghana in the next election. Okay, okay, I’ll give you a little more time, but not too much….. 🙂


  3. >Tasha: do not wish bad things on me! LOL.Anonymous: you’re right – he has a LONG way to go. I just wish there were more contenders. We need someone homegrown too.The lobbyist thing is an impressive start.


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