>Music/Politics: Co-lin Powell Gets Involved In Yahooze Scam Endorsing Obama


Okay, okay… so the title is a bit misleading (just a bit).

Yes: Bush’s former pet dove was caught on stage at the Africa Rising Festival in London last Tuesday with Nigerian hip-hop group, Olu Maintain, doing the Yahooze and making speeches about how Africa’s time has come.


I’m just glad that African street music is getting some international shine. Many out in the West actually think that the average African actually listens to what they call ‘World Music’. With genres like Naijja Pop, Hiplife, Kwaito, Rai and Bongo Flava dominating airwaves across the continent?

Unlikely, mate.

More importantly though, “Co-lin” – perhaps the only person (formerly) in the Bush administration with some international credibility (I said some…) left –  has thrown his apparently considerable weight behind Barack. Now before you dismiss it as one black man simply endorsing another, you might want to read his reasons. Reminds me of why I used to admire him more (before the whole ‘WMD in Iraq’ debacle).

Good moves, Colin.

UPDATE (20/10/08): The disappointing (but sadly expected) Conservative response.

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