>Music: Janelle Monae


The most creative, frenetic, insane, imaginative, beautiful, genius video I think I’ve ever seen.

I think she just became my favourite artist today off the back of it. At the very least, she replaces Erykah Badu as the artist I cannot wait to argue with my crunk-addicted sister over.

If you don’t know about Janelle, you need to get to knowing already. A few reasons:

  • Barack Obama is a fan…
  • … as are two of my all-time favourite artists: Erykah Badu & Prince
  • Personally signed by Diddy to Bad Boy Records: an interesting move for a genuine artist.
  • Outkast affiliate, signed at a point by Big Boi, later featuring on Idlewild and in their Morris Brown video.
  • Acts too, and based on her creativity and the sheer level of performance she injects into her live sets and videos, I reckon she’ll be pretty well known for it one day.

Oh, & besides Big Boi’s cameo in the video as Sir Luscious Leftfoot, I’m pretty sure that guitarist is Andre 3000

Thanks Amelia for putting me onto this.

7 thoughts on “>Music: Janelle Monae

  1. >Fancy finding you in this corner of the bloggosphere :). Indeed, Ms. Monae is super talented. I was very concerned about the BadBoy affiliation and their history of artist-exploitation but I respect her choice. Oh BTW, the guitarist is from her band, the Wondaland Arts Society. I’ll start stopping by regularly


  2. >Ahhh… and there I was thinking Johnny Vulture had struck again. Trust you to know. Don’t tell me you’ve already seen her in concert!


  3. >I think Jill Scott is staggeringly talented and a great, antural performer with warmth, intelligence and a sense of humour. BUT I've found that her albums since the first (& maybe the live one) pretty smooth… and as such dull. I personally like more experimentation and less neo in my soul, hence me preferring Erykah and Janelle, who are more adventurous.Janelle is from the Outkast camp (Big Boi is even in the video) so it's okay that the video has a 'Hey Ya' feel to it. Plus it is clever marketing: Outkast is one of the only successful black music acts who don't make typical R&B/hiphop (the other main one is Gnarls Barkley) so tapping into a little of that will help her appeal to people in the same way. And it's working: people are already calling her a female Outkast/Prince.


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