>Silence, Soul & Extracurricular Invitations

>Sorry for the silence: been knocked out recently by a deadly combination of cold and malaria.

Anyhoo… two things to tie you over until my next post (smallest time…):

For people in Ghana:
An invitation to come out and enjoy an alternative to the norm tomorrow night at Rema’s Bar in Osu (follow the link & click on View All Events for details… or send a text to 0246625622). Yup: I’m DJing, which means underground soul, afrobeat, Yo! MTV raps, funk, new jack swing, broken beat and anything besides the usual.

For those of you not lucky enough to be in Ghana:
A link to a recent edition of my underground soul radio show on Vibe 91.9 fm (drop me a line if you want a tracklisting). It’s quite a big file, but it’s worth the wait (imho).

Gonna start putting these up every two weeks.

Sharing is caring, no?

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