>Random: Ghida of Ghana?

>I had a ‘huh?!’ moment after reading on Wikipedia that Ghida Fakhry – an Al Jazeera anchor I watch nightly (and yes: the one newsreader besides TV3’s Afua Asiedu who has the ability to make me weak at the knees) – might be ‘Ghanain.’

Turns out Ghida was indeed born here and, while not Ghanaian, is the daughter of a Ghana-based factory owner.

Who knew?

3 thoughts on “>Random: Ghida of Ghana?

  1. >No, Ghida is not Ghanian and was not born in Ghana. The Wikipedia article was based on an error that the New York Times published which they have since corrected. She was born in Beirut to an Arab family, and grew up in Beirut and Switzerland, not Ghana I’m afraid. Only her father was born in Ghana and had a business their, but he too is a full-blooded Lebanese Arab man.


  2. >Thanks Anonymous:I'd already figured that Ghida wasn't Ghanaian (or 'Ghanian' as Wikipedia put it) but didn't know her father was born here: thanks for the corrections & the further family info.Ghana's Lebanese community are pretty fascinating… & perhaps misunderstood. Most Ghanaians see them as wealthy, secretive and somewhat arrogant, but there is a small but growing number – especially on/in television – who are seen to be bucking that stereotype, which is a very good thing.


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