>News: King Gaddafi

>Between receiving a Lebanese death sentence, being named King of Kings by a gathering of over 200 African kings, getting Italy to not only apologize for colonial atrocities but to pay $5 billion – making Libya the first African country to be compensated by a former colonial master – and deciding to give oil profits directly to Libya’s citizens, I’d say Uncle Muammar‘s had an interesting week.

… and that’s all before Condi’s visit later today.

With this kind of efficiency, I can begin to see why he was exasperated by the lack of speed of some African leaders towards African unity at last year’s AU Summit in Accra.

4 thoughts on “>News: King Gaddafi

  1. >Kobina, I am now officially a die hard fan of this blog! thanks for the info-tainment! ps Gadaffi’s been reall busy! Any thought on Condi’s trip?Ahmeda


  2. >Great blog!I tip my hat off to the brother-leader for transforming his standing with the west 180 degrees from pariah to partner.The Italian apology whilst deeply symbolic is highly lucrative…for both parties. The contracts that will be handed to big Italian companies will more than satisfy their desire for footholds in emerging markets and Libya is just across the ‘Mare Nostrum’ after all… And the brother-leader’s interest in and statments in favour of African Unity are highly commendable. He / Libya did play a leading role in the transformation of the OAU to the AU.However coming from a country that borders Libya I can attest to and believe one should not forget the brother-commander’s history of detrimental interference in the affairs of African States.During the 70’s-80’s there was the war with Chad and a 2 day war with Egypt and a military incursion into Sudan. More recently there has been the arming of groups in the Ivory Coast and the buying of political patronage in Burkina Faso.If I had to liken the brother-leader to a superhero or supervillain he would be most similar to Two-face.


  3. >Whoever you are Anonymous, you get an insane number of bonus points for linking a piece on Qadaffi to a character from one of the best comics of all time.Spot on… and thanks for the ‘interference’ reminder too.


  4. >My name’s Saleh and I’m from Sudan. I’m one of Crystal’s colleagues. I got linked to your blog from her page.This must be by far one of the most informative and plain out cool blogs I’ve visited.Kudos!


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