>Gripe: Illiteracy at the Mall

>“N*****s wanna break into your house; you wanna save your money? Put it in your books…”
Chris Rock.

Is anyone else out there disappointed/shocked/horrified that there isn’t a bookstore at the Accra Mall?

Come to think of it we don’t have any decent, well-stocked, up-to-date bookstores anywhere in Accra (the efforts of the University of Ghana Bookstore, the Bookshelf.net in Osu, and the little book stores in Dealer and Cuppa Cappucinno notwithstanding).

What does this say about Ghana and Ghanaians?

3 thoughts on “>Gripe: Illiteracy at the Mall

  1. >Yup. The problem is that it’s all pretty much self-help, faith and text books. If I wanted the new Chimamanda or Zadie or something, I’d get blank stares… unless I go to Circle, where I might get some Jeffrey Archer, Sweet Valley High and such.


  2. >Wow, thanks for saying this! I thought maybe there might be a bookshop in Accra Mall, but no sign of anything for adults yet. I end up buying books at Vidyas (in Osu), EPP, Legon Bookshop and whenever there is a bookfair, one can usually pick up something. Or at a book launch, but the publicity for those is erratic at best – in my opinion.


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