>Politics: Negative Campaigning

>I reserve a lot of criticism for Ghanaian politicians, especially when the showpiece of one campaign seems to be TicTac’s Kangaroo Dance. Ghana’s politicians defame and tell lies about each other, followed – sadly – by many of the journalists whose responsibility it should be to tell the truth. Ghanaian journalism is in a pretty bad shape at the moment.

I reckon that if you are going to defame a person, don’t wait for the journalists to give you a little bit of press. At least fork out your ill-gotten cash for a funny advert with slick production values. Forget the dancing: give us entertainment!

Seriously though, it’s not a good look for McCain when the man who once said he was above negative politics is pandering to the ‘Obama is the Antichrist’ lobby. What does this advert actually say though? Not much. Especially about McCain’s policies. Reeks of desperation if you ask me.

This one, on the other hand, is pretty effective and I will be interested to see what the Obama-Biden camp come up with in response:

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