>Obituary: Jerry Wexler

>Perhaps not as well known as Isaac or Bernie, credit must go where it’s due to the man said to have coined the phrase ‘Rhythm & Blues’; who (alongside the late Ahmet Ertegun) produced Aretha, Wilson Pickett and Ray Charles, as well as Led Zeppelin (the best rock group of all time… period) and Bob Dylan. He was also an instrumental figure in both Atlantic and Stax Records, the latter notably being the label through which Isaac Hayes rose to fame.

You might remember him from the movie Ray where he was depicted by Toby Ziegler of the West Wing (and no, silly: he’s not the Jerry that Dr. Dre dissed in ‘Dre Day’).

To quote another popular record label executive, “God Bless and Good Night”, Mr. Wexler.

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