>Life: Lagos – the Preview

>By way of apology for the long absence, I am putting up the skeleton notes I took during my recent first-time time trip to Lagos. This way, I get to show that I am still alive (in spite of my suddenly quite corporate existence) and you get a preview of my next post, as well as a glimpse into my writing process. It’s not the best process in the world, but who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something.

… or more likely, you’ll get in touch with much-needed suggestions on how to improve my god-awful writing. That’s after you’ve finished throwing tomatoes at me.

Here goes:

  • Sh*t: no driver, no credit and the taxi drivers look ready to pounce
  • Radio: better music, better range… Nigerian R&B… Asha!… the accents though??!?!!
  • On Near Death Experiences: driving in Lagos (even from passenger seat), backlights (or the lack thereof)
  • Sprawling
  • Rain and stagnant water
  • Okatas
  • Refuse! Everywhere! Damn!
  • Glamour, parties and the Bambuddha
  • The Sea! The Sea! You didn’t tell me you live next to the Sea!??!?!?!?!!? *Slap*
  • Zakitos: not the King… the God of Small Chops
  • Wealth, Art & Ghana’s illiteracy

… and there you have it. Let’s see. Give me until tomorrow to flesh it out.

3 thoughts on “>Life: Lagos – the Preview

  1. >Hey,Mr Graham, sorry Que? first you go to Nig without moi and now you tease me with this taster of things to come which never appeared.This must be fixed. On that note as they say in Lagos “Happy Weekend!” lol


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