>Music: What I’m Feeling… June ’08

>For your listening pleasure…

Some of the links are more informative than they are musical, but – all in all – these are the new songs dominating my June 2008 playlist. Enjoy…

1. (Untitled 1974 snippet) – Stevie Wonder
2. You Know What – Idle Warship (I prefer Res’ vocals to Pharrell’s on the N*E*R*D version)
3. Universal Mind Control – Common
4. QuartetSpanky Alford (Rest in Peace)
5. Computer Girl – Zaki Ibrahim
6. Reach Down in Your Soul – Sy Smith feat. Wes Felton
7. Honey (Seiji Remix) – Erykah Badu
8. Velvet – Jose James
9. Let Your Hair Down – Kidz in the Hall
10. Magnificent – Estelle

UPDATE: one reclusive friend of mine has put together a niiiiice mixtape of classic soul songs, some of which have been sampled in contemporary hip-hop and R&B tunes, others which are just plain enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended.

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