>… and We’re Back

>Since unceremoniously sacrificing this blog’s last incarnation to the internet gods almost two years ago, I have been chastised, smacked across the back of my head, looked at in silent, jaw-dropping disbelief, spoken down to by children half my age, and – in one bizarre dream – had the crap beaten out of me by a group of violent glue-sniffing gorillas.

I’m just as clueless as you are as to what that last one has to do with anything but, with safety in mind, I decided to bring the damn thing back from the dead. So here it is:

Wherever I Lay My Hat… Part II / Reloaded / Wherever I Lay My Hats (they always go missing) / The Return of Q. Manchu

Or – for short – Wherever I Lay My Hat…

If anyone (everyone?) missed it the first time around, this is a small corner of cyberspace in which I crouch at times and scribble down anecdotes and experiences of moving to Ghana for good after spending seventeen or so years of my life in London (that and the occasional poem, story or opinion piece).

You will laugh.
You will cry.
At times, you will even tilt the screen sideways, squint really hard and hear yourself say out loud, “what the hell…”

More often than not though, you will probably read a funny post or two, lose attention and move on to a more interesting website.

It’s okay.

I won’t hold it against you…

I’ll just try and have something better ready in time for your next visit.

PS: in case you were wondering, the blog name’s comes from a line by one of my favourite musicians, Marvin Gaye: “Now I’m the type of guy who’s always on the road / Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.”

I think Marvin was talking more about being a player than he was about the Diasporean experience, but hey: it works.

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