My One-Night Stand

There is no escaping art.

It surrounds us: in everything from the fabrics we wear to the labels adorning what we drink.

Black people have long created and revered art. Yet, from music to visual arts to product design, the gift to create art is one of the least valued in Africa and throughout her diaspora.

As a result, our people have rarely successfully built wealth that we could hand down from generation to generation by pursuing our art.

Hidden in a walkthrough maze with new experiences at every turn, One Night Stand will be a uniquely experiential celebration of black art in its many forms.

Attendees will have multidimensional experiences of the art on display and dive into sonic interpretations that bring each piece alive through combinations of sight and sound.

How do we invest in, develop and spread our art across a world that has always been eager to dance to our music or take inspiration from our fashion? How do we invest in sustainable creative industries that serve our own interests? These are the questions One Night Stand hopes to articulate and engage with.

The exhibition will be followed by an in-depth conversation on the experiences of the artwork, the future of Ghana’s creative scene and the way forward in creating generational wealth for our collective benefit.

Purchase your ticket and guarantee yourself a night of immersive experiences.


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