nKENTEn’s ‘Wɔn Mmfa Shoe Mmba Ha’



A few of you may already be following the new entity calling itself nKENTEn on any of its numerous platforms (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc). If not, I advise that you rectify that mistake with considerable quickness before you miss out on any more goodness.

Last week, nKENTEn put out its third ‘Page’: a photo story by my very good friend, Seton Nicholas. Entitled, ‘Wɔn Mmfa Shoe Mmba Ha‘ (which basically means ‘No Shoes Allowed Here’), it depicts some deeply spiritual goings-on back in 2011 at the Yaw Atia Shrine out in Mampong in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

In a country often in denial about the nature of its spirituality – both past and present – I found these images are stark, beautiful and very thought-provoking. You just might too.

Download the story here and thank me later.

3 thoughts on “nKENTEn’s ‘Wɔn Mmfa Shoe Mmba Ha’

  1. I hadn’t really heard about the nKENTEn project till you mentioned it. I tried downloading the link in the post though, I think the link has been disabled. I will do some online searches, I am pretty sure I will find something which will quench the thirst you’ve set.


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