>Geek: Cinema!



*Takes a moment to calm down… straightens his tie*

What I was trying to say is that they have finally opened the Silverbird Cinema at the Accra Mall… and – even better – they have picked a way better choice than W. for their first film:

Quantum of Solace (the new Bond flick).

I have been waiting for ages for this cinema to open, especially after my trip to Lagos where I had my first Silverbird Cinema experience. Heard this one is a five-screen multiplex too: probably a first for Accra.

I never understood why cinema died in Ghana. We used to have a few – Rex and Roxy spring to mind – but after the advent of VHS and then DVD, the cinema shrunk into private viewing rooms where couples treated each other to a little more than celluloid.

The way I see it, there is no substitute for the full cinema experience. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of trips to the Tufnell Park Odeon with my Dad (or my best friend Ben) to watch films like Never Ending Story, Labyrinth or Indiana Jones.

Today I can watch drama on a small screen but if you want me to persuade me to watch any genre that makes use of sound, special effects and spectacle on a laptop, it had better be a big ass laptop.

  • With a screen the size of the front of my house.
  • Sound loud enough to affect my hearing if turned up one more notch.
  • The laptop screen will need a curtain that automatically closes and opens again for the main feature.
  • It will need to come with someone serving me a hot dog (that I will finish before the trailers but anyway…) and a drink. Preferably sugary and unhealthy.
  • Butterscotch popcorn to get stuck in my teeth.
  • Oh and, of course, darkness: I want my attention to be on nothing but the huge laptop screen

I know this will cause more traffic but, in this one instance, I really could not care any less. Unless the person in front of me gets the last ticket to a film I badly and immediately wish to see.

Feels good to strike ‘cinema’ off my list of things I miss about London.

Now if I can just find a decent park, an extensive and up-to-date bookstore, persuade the Jazz Cafe to open up a Ghanaian hall, and some of my London friends and family members to move down, I will be all kinds of content.

This will do for now though.

4 thoughts on “>Geek: Cinema!

  1. >Was excited to see that the Cinema had opened. Was a little taken aback by the rates a friend quoted….GHC10.00 for one movie? *Yikes* Might as well be watching a movie in Time Square! Well, it is nice to see cinemas have made a comeback and a little strange that 15 years ago we had really huge auditorium cinemas like the Roxy that all disappeared. They have now been transformed into churches. I hear you on the bookstore and personally would die to have a Starbucks or a Costa..


  2. >hi,i have never really been the movie person…but i guess such only provide more reasons why folks must stay up late like i always dream would become the norm…to grab my attention the movie must be real good and i must be the only one watching…two is a crowd or i would either talk my partner out of the movie or just snooze off…but i like the bookstores too…and yeah more of the jazz serenade too…and afro sure! cheers!


  3. >You know I am the girl with all the answersThere is a park! It’s called Rufus Green Parks and there is a map to it in the I ♥ Accra group photo album.And I know two pretty good book stores where you can order books if they don’t have themThe bookstore at the Dealer is one I like and another one is Vidya bookstore at Embarso now all you need to do is get your friends and family to move here, and open the Jazz Cafe GH! 😀


  4. I agree a cinema in Ghana is one of the best things in a long while. I can’t say i have been alive that long but I can definitely share some cinema moments and Never ending story was surely one of them. As i am a movie addict myself i’m guessing that I will be abusing the cinema pretty soon


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