>Politics: the US Elections… Escapism at its Finest

>If I was to post every article I’ve recently read in my endless fascination with their elections, you’d think this blog were American… 

So I’ve decided to put them in one post. Let’s see…

Sorry about the emphasis on America’s elections. I follow Ghana’s too… I do!
The Americans seem to take their elections a little more seriously than we do here though, with our kangaroo dances and bodyguards getting into petty catfights.
Ghanaian politics (and politicians) can be rather puerile at times, which gets depressing because reality out here is frankly more…well… real than elsewhere and probably deserves a little more seriousness than it is currently given.
Consider my fascination with the American polls a form of much-needed escape.


  1. >The Snopes.com page seems to contain as many inaccuracies as the ones it attributes to Obama!The statements made about Raila Odinga and ethno-linguistic Swahili are at best highly contestable. Xenophobia and inaccuracy are not the best tools to contest a man’s (or woman’s) ideals.


  2. >”Xenophobia and inaccuracy are not the best tools to contest a man’s (or woman’s) ideals.”I’m in complete agreement… on both sides.


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