>News: Ghanaians Doing Good

>Jeanette Kwakye

So Ghana didn’t win at Beijing… boo hoo. Nevertheless, this British sprinter, whose parents come from the Brong-Ahafo region, won bronze in the 100 metres final. All that and she happens to be best friends with a friend of mine. Give the girl a hand.

Ghanbatt 68

Everyone seems to have an opinion – both good and bad – about Lebanese people in Ghana. What about Ghanaians in Lebanon though? Ghanaian Peacekeepers serving in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) were presented with UN Peace Medals last Wednesday for “professionalism, dedication and commitment to duty.” Apparently Ghana has a pretty damn good reputation when it comes to peacekeeping overall. Something to be proud of.

2 thoughts on “>News: Ghanaians Doing Good

  1. >Interesting that the Ghanaian press didn’t pick up on Jeanette Kwakye as one of the few “good news” Ghana stories from the Olympics! More power to her…


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